Frequently Asked Questions

Who can access the Public API?

The Public API is for FSI customers and vendors looking to leverage data from CMS for integration with other systems. It is not intended for reporting or analytics purposes.

How does the Public API benefit my team?

By using the Public API your technical teams can create workflow and integration scenarios without requiring additional direct involvement from FSI. 

What support does FSI provide?

FSI will support the Public API as it does the other products in our CMS suite by making sure it is secure, available, and performing adequately.  We will also maintain content on our Developer Portal to provide guidance and instructions for how to connect and use the API endpoints.  Specific questions about the use of the API or helping resolve connection or authentication can be addressed in the FSI Neighborhood or through FSI Customer Support.

Are there associated costs?

Customers must have enabled API Access as part of their contract with FSI.

How do I create an account?

From the Developer Portal, individuals can request a developer account using the Sign Up link. FSI will review these requests, and if approved, provide a subscription key for API Access. Visit the Getting Started page for additional information.

Who do I contact with questions about the Public API?

For questions about how the Public API can be used for your integration scenario, please contact your account representative to schedule a discovery call with a member of FSI's Engineering team. Technical questions can be posted to the FSI Neighborhood under the Developers group.

To find out whether your FSI contract includes access to the Public API, or to add access to your contract, reach out to a member of our sales team at

Are there any examples or sample code showing how to call the Public API?

An example project can found on the FSI GitHub Page which shows how to leverage the Public API Endpoints to create and retrieve a work order.

Does the Public API impose any kind of rate limiting?

Yes, the FSI Standard API Access Product is limited to 250 Calls per Minute, Exceeding this will result in a HTTP 429 Too Many Requests Error.