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About us

For over 20 years, FSI has been helping healthcare service professionals deliver safe and efficient healthcare operations. Our CMMS platform is purpose-built for healthcare facilities and bio-medical operations. FSI is recognized as an industry leader, and is used by many of the largest hospital systems in the USA.

Integrating with FSI allows our customers and their partners to further extend the capabilities of CMS and ensure data consistency, enable seamless workflows, and automate operational tasks with ease.  

Our APIs



Manage your facilities buildings, floors, and spaces.

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Feature 2


Interact with Assets and placement.

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Feature 3

Work Orders

Create and manage Work Orders across the entire organization.

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Handle parts and materials for

Asset repair and upkeep.

All of our APIs use industry-standard REST-style endpoints and JSON payloads so your development teams can build integrations using familiar tools and techniques.  Using our pre-built SDK libraries can futher accelerate your integration and bring the power of CMS to your healthcare operations.

POST /api/transactions

"id": "16833741-33a0-437c-9c82-368bed96b7f6",
"from": "562b5682-7861-49ac-ad60-074fe12ddac2",
"to": "7d334e64-d0d3-4941-be6c-f59facf781d6",
"currency": "USD",
"amount": 314.55